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Prehistoric Occupation in an Area of the Colorado Piedmont as seen through Survey at Cherokee Ranch

MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2023 AT 7:00 PM MDT – GENERAL MEETING – (HYBRID) Speaker: Caitlin Calvert (Speaker will be in-person) Abstract: Beginning in 2014, the Metropolitan State University of Denver has been conducting survey and excavation field schools on the property of the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation, located near Sedalia, CO. Located in the Platte River Basin, the working ranch consists of prairie on its southern border, which transitions to rolling hills and mesas quickly as you go northward on the property. Having surveyed an area of approximately 780 acres, largely in the plains and rolling hills on the southern boundary of the ranch property, this presentation is intended to analyze the information recorded from the thirty-one sites and seventy-four isolated finds identified and recorded during the surveys. Survey has revealed evidence for extensive regular occupation of this area in prehistoric times, with surface sites yielding a mean of 26 artifacts. Lithic evidence dates these surface sites to the Early Archaic Period up through to the Middle Ceramic Period, and excavations at a rock shelter on the property support this occupation range, and further extend it into the Protohistoric Period. This gives evidence on early continuous use of the area from ca. 7,500 BP onward.

Bio: Caitlin Calvert is a recent graduate of MSU Denver, with a BA in anthropology and history, and has a background in commercial and live audio work prior finishing her degree. She has presented and co-presented summary research and analysis of MSU Denver’s survey field work at local and regional conferences. Most recently. Caitlin won the Undergraduate Student paper competition at the 2022 Plains Anthropological Annual Conference. She is currently looking forward to entering the CRM field.

Additional Upcoming Events: Monday, February 13th: Guest speaker will be Dr. Jade Luiz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Metropolitan State University of Denver. View Details. Monday, March 13th: Guest speaker will be Natalie Patton, Anthropology Collections Assistant (Jones-Miller Site Collection), Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


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