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Archaeology of a Nineteenth-Century Brothel in Boston, MA: Erotic Facades



Speaker: Dr. Jade Luiz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Metropolitan State University of Denver (Speaker will be in-person)

Abstract: In 1993, archaeologists in Boston, Massachusetts excavated a privy full of artifacts related to daily life. Later research demonstrated that between 1853 and 1868 the privy belonged to a successful, middle-class brothel at 27/29 Endicott Street. By examining the objects alongside the biographies of the individuals who lived and worked at the brothel, this presentation attempts to understand the daily lived experience of nineteenth-century sex workers in the Endicott Street brothel. Additionally, Dr. Luiz will propose new methods for conducting an archaeology of sex work that she intends to bring to her emerging research in the archaeology of sex work in Colorado.


Dr. Jade Luiz is an assistant professor of anthropology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Luiz received her Ph.D. from Boston University where she specialized in historical archaeology, nineteenth-century urbanism, gender, and archaeology of the senses. Her research delves into the history of nineteenth-century prostitution, with her dissertation focusing on an archaeological collection from a North End brothel on Endicott Street. As a result of this research, she has contributed to several publications and has recently published a book on this collection with Routledge titled Archaeology of a Nineteenth-century Brothel in Boston, MA: Erotic Facades.

Additional Upcoming Events: Monday, March 13th: Guest speaker will be Natalie Patton, Anthropology Collections Assistant (Jones-Miller Site Collection), Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


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