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Understanding Ourselves And Our Past Through Primitive Craftmaking


JUNE 10, 2024 AT 7:00 PM MDT

Speaker: Brian Parrish, Avocational Experimental Archaeology Crafter

We are taking the opportunity to present a slightly different program format for the June meeting of the Denver Chapter of CAS.

The first half of the meeting will be a presentation by Brian Parrish giving a demonstration of Primitive Craftmaking. He will be doing show and tell with an opportunity for hands-on contact with some of his crafts. Members are encouraged to attend in person to enjoy the full benefit of this presentation. Please see the Bio and Presentation statement provided below by Parrish.

The second half of the meeting will be a presentation by the Membership Engagement and Activities Committee giving a presentation on what the committee has been doing, their accomplishments so far this year, what projects they are currently working, and asking for feedback from the members as to what their interest and priorities are relating to the Denver CAS chapter.

Brian Parrish’s Bio and Presentation Statement:

I believe that to understand who we are, we must understand our past. I believe one of the ingredients for understanding the past, is to learn and practice things that were done in the past. This is what many of my hobbies revolve around. I've been interested in crafting and in the past, for as long as I can remember, which comes from both a desire to understand the past as well as my desire to create.

I grew up in Texas and was always far more interested in going out to wooded areas, and creeks and catching snakes and turtles building forts than I was in any sports or other activities. I made my first bow around the age of 12, after disappearing into the woods for 8 hours. I don't know exactly why I developed an interest in crafting, and survival skills, but one reason is that I found more satisfaction in creating something, rather than just buying it or receiving it as a gift.

Maybe another reason is that I like to understand the how and why of everything. It was one thing to think about people using a bow and arrow - but how did they make it? What materials did they use? How were those materials found and processed? Why were they shaped in this way or that way? Etc.

I've been invited to give a demonstration and show a few of my crafts I've made. While I don't consider myself an expert in any of these primitive crafts, I'm always happy to share my work and maybe inspire someone else. I'll be demonstrating the making of primitive cordage and showing a variety of other stone-age-inspired crafts.


July 2024 – There will be no Board Meeting or General Meeting. Meetings will resume in August.

August 2024 – Annual Joint Meeting with the Egyptian Studies Society. Details will be forthcoming.


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