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Dearfield 2021 Archaeology Field Season Announcement - Call for Volunteers 


We will be starting the 2021 Dearfield Archaeology field season on Friday, June 4th. For those receiving this email and interested in volunteering for the project, please respond to this email to the project director, Dr. Bob Brunswig, robert.brunswig@unco.edu, in order to schedule in advance which day or days you would like to participate. Be aware that only 8-10 volunteers are being accepted for each field day to maintain an orderly excavation and effective on-site supervision. At this time, all period dates, a total of nine days of field time, have open volunteer slots. I am scheduling Fridays and Saturdays for all four weeks (see below) with an extra day (Sunday) on week 4 in order to complete and close up open excavation units. 

Once you are placed on the project schedule you will receive a field guide, a map to the Dearfield townsite, and a summary document describing the African-American townsite and colony's history (established in 1910) and present-day research achievements and objectives. This is the fifth annual archaeology program at Dearfield since 2011.

The project involves excavation at the early 20th century African-American Dearfield townsite, an NRHP Historic District.  The townsite is located a little over an hours drive from Denver off of I-76 towards Fort Morgan.  Please contact Dr. Brunswig if you have further questions.


The 2021 Dearfield Field Season Schedule-Field work periods will include small overall numbers of volunteers (8-10 per field day) working within short (3 2 day and 1 3 day [the last week]) field periods distributed over 4 weeks. The schedule for the four weekly field periods is: 

Period 1-June 4 (Friday) and June 5 (Saturday).  

Period 2-June 11 (Friday) and June 12 (Saturday). 

Period 3-June 18 (Friday) and June 19 (Saturday). 

Period 4-June 25 (Friday), June 26 Saturday) and June 27 (Sunday). 

We also welcome visitors during our time in the field. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Bob Brunswig, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor and

Research Fellow in Anthropology


Candelaria 2200
Department of Anthropology
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639

Office/Cell Phone: 970-371-9874

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